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Mr Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover

Wed, 24 Apr 2019 Source: ghananewsagency.org

Mr. Evans Kofi Baidoo, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) First Vice Constituency Chairman for Tema East, has rated the incumbent MP for the Constituency, Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover, as the all time best in the history of the Constituency.

At a News conference in Accra, Mr. Baidoo said his rating was party-blind and therefore placed the current MP above every other MP in the past, including; those from both the NPP and the NDC stock.

“We have never had an MP who has combined hard work, class and humility the way Mr Titus Glover has been doing…I am not saying this to praise the NPP, because when I say he is the best, I mean he is the best overall his predecessors including; those from the NPP,” Mr. Baidoo said.

Justifying his claim, he said the current MP provided jobs for the youth, built roads in the constituency, built modern soccer fields, invested in people’s education and health and helped the fisher folks of Tema to ply their trade with a lot more ease.

“In the recent past, the diversion of premix fuel from fishermen and women in Tema was a common issue; it is no longer an issue because our MP has made it tough for diverters to do their illegal things, “Mr. Baidoo said.

“In the area of infrastructure, he pointed out that it was through the instrumentality of Mr Titus Glover that the roads in Tema New Town were being asphalted.

“Indeed, during a recent commissioning of the asphalted roads, the Minister for Roads, Kwesi Amoako Attah, confessed that the roads were going to be asphalted because Titus Glover kept pestering him until he could not stand it anymore.

“The Minister made this confession during a durbar at Bankuman in Tema Newtown,” Mr. Baidoo emphasised.

He said their current MP had, through his own initiative, built a modern football park in Community 1 Site 10 for the youth there. “As we speak, he is also building another one in Tema Manhean,” Mr. Baidoo said.

According to the Constituency firsst Vice Chair, the projects were physical infrastructural signatures of Titus Glover that defied the well-known fact that the direct development of Constituencies was not the business of MPs, but MMDCEs.

“Even though he is only the MP, he is personally ensuring that we have modern football parks; how many MPs can really boast of such achievements?”

Mr. Baidoo also praised Titus Glover’s sense of belonging to the Constituency, saying ‘the man is the most accessible MP ever.’

According to him, Titus related to the youth in his constituency like buddies.

“He is the first MP to take part in our Kpeledjoo festival by singing and dancing ‘dzamah’ songs with the youth in the constituency. In the past what happened was that, anytime there was the Kpeledjoo, the MPs would only come and give their donations, and later appear at the durbar wearing fine clothes and sitting at the high tables for dignitaries; not Titus Glover.

During this year’s Kpeledjoo festival, he handled the flag and led the youth in the dzamah sessions across the principal streets of Tema, he also supported the various Kpeledjoo teams.

A passionate Evans Baidoo also said the current MPs membership on many high-profile Committees has served to lift the image of Tema East.

Among others, he enumerated that Titus Glover was the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Trade and Industry, Chairman of the NPP Greater Accra MPs Caucus and Deputy Minister of Transport.

Titus is also a former Member of the NPP Communication team, and is rated as one of the most influential voices in political commentary in the media in Ghana today.

Recently, Nii Kwartei Titus Glover was enskinned the Development Chief of Sankana in the Upper West Region.

Nene Ofoe Teye, the Tema East NPP Chairman, who was at the high table with Mr. Evans Kofi Baidoo said “ I have worked with many politicians in the constituency over the years and Mr Titus Glover is the best so far”.

Source: ghananewsagency.org