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We know what will stop galamsey, but we’re not doing it – First Deputy Speaker

Joe Wise?resize=453%2C343&ssl=1 First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Joseph Osei Owusu

Thu, 27 Jul 2023 Source:

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Joseph Osei Owusu, says if we want to battle galamsey and put an end to it once and for all, we will be successful.

The lawmaker who represents the people of Bekwai constituency stated that we can talk all we want, but if we don’t take action to fight galamsey, our efforts will be futile.

According to the MP, as a nation and leaders, we know what steps to take to combat galamsey, but we are not taking them.

He was responding to statements made by some MPs on the problem of galamsey and unlawful mining on the Black Volta.

He recalled the first remark he made on galamsey five years ago, when it had reached the Northern Region.

Osei Owusu stated that if our leaders fail to take the necessary actions to halt galamsey, the regular comments delivered before the plenary will continue.

“We can talk as much as we want; if we want to put a stop to it, we can. But if we don’t take the steps, then we can continue to talk about it here (in Parliament). The steps necessary are known, and if we want to do them, we will. Until we do that, we will keep coming back here with statements when it gets to your turn. Now it is in the Volta region. From there, it will move to another region. The first statement I commented on was from the North. That was four or five years ago. Now that it has gotten to the Volta Region, another statement We will wait until it gets to our region, then we will make a statement, and the others will continue to bash it as we choose,” when we already know what it takes to stop Galamsey once and for all.

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