Politics Wed, 3 Feb 2010

We would walk with our Nkrumaists siblings to the negotiation table-Ramadan

Sunyani B/A), Feb 3, GNA- Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, National Chairman, People National Convention (PNC) on Wednesday said the party would not boycott plans by the Nkrumaists to get to the negotiation table again on the unification talks"

"What we say is that we are not happy about that way the regional executive of the Convention People's Party (CPP) in Brong Ahafo(B/A) are going about the unification process. They have join with our (PNC) regional executives in Brong Ahafo in the bid to start the unity talk process, without first hitting the CPP national executives", he stated. These attitudes derail plans for uniting the Nkrumist front and make the chances of coming together difficult, he observed. Speaking in an interview with GNA in Sunyani, Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan stated that though, he had been informed by the Brong Ahafo Regional Chairman of the PNC, of the party engagement in talks with CPP in the region, he (Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan) had asked the regional executives of PNC to disassociate itself from the CPP.


"This is because the B/A regional executives of CPP have failed to inform the national executives of such an idea. I deem this a rehabilitation which no one must support. How can we(PNC) side with them when they have no regard for authority and have not made their plans known to CPP executives at the national level", he further said.

Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan noted: "This action and attitude spiting, coercing and stampeding the national executives into the unity process is not the right thing to do" and ask that things be done rightly. He announced that the PNC is likely to go to national congress by 2011 and major activities to be undertaken by the party would be decided and made public later. 4 Feb.10

Source: GNA