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Which Party Will Ayariga Vote For?

There is a lingering fear among executives of the Peoples National Convention (PNC) that its presidential candidate for the 2012 general elections Hassan Ayariga may thumbprint the NDC on election day rather than his PNC, just on the strength of his showing at the IEA debate where embarrassed executives admit he did the ruling party’s bidding.

It is not immediately known, if some monies had changed hands for the entire period of three hours work that he sat through, while staging the embarrassment. But in a nation where 90 minutes of soccer can earn Black Stars players some odd $15000, the possibility of Ayariga walking away with a lump sum for his troubles looms rather large.

Insider sources within the PNC executives say, in caucus meetings held in the three northern regions quite recently Ayariga kicked against Party position to accompany executives to Accra. The next thing they heard, the PNC presidential candidate had met the Regional Coordinating Council at Tumu and Wa where President John Mahama showed up.

The worried sources among the executives told THE GHANAIAN SUN that Ayariga was quoted to have told the President that; “Mr. President Mahama I came to greet you”. The shell-shocked sources said, added to the Kotoka International Airport welcome meeting with the late President JEA Mills while returning from his final medical sojourn to America, they felt betrayed and thought Ayariga owes the Party some tangible explanation.

Even the normally reserved Abu Ramadan, the National Youth Organizer is on record to have stated that he doubts the resolve and loyalty of Ayariga and if this is not a serious indictment on the presidential candidate, THE GHANAIAN SUN does not know for certain what else is.

But on the second IEA debate night while armed with a combination of apparent self-induced coughs, dry comic jokes in a fidgeting frenzy, and terrible language tenses too dangerous for even JHS kids, Mr. Ayariga strode through the entire encounter like an embarrassing accident waiting-to-happen, and has now succeeded in splitting the PNC from top to bottom on the matter.

The lingering fear has left a large chunk of PNC executives with a migraine in that, it has rendered them dumbfounded as to how such a man so short on quality, could breeze past them to lead a party that had hitherto looked high on quality, such as had been left by the late head of state in the third republic, Dr. Hilla Limann.


The pain of some Party executives has to do with the fact that PNC sidestepped quality for rubbish, when clever propaganda work succeeded in edging out the three-time Party leader, the much revered Dr. Edward Nasigri Mahama. Dr. Nasigri Mahama’s meritorious delivery and understanding of national politics had endeared him to President JA Kufuor, who moved heaven and hell to offer him a vice-presidential invitation on a silver platter.

However, on a quiet yet dry night when Ayariga had the excellent opportunity to address Ghanaians and in the process roll out the PNC’s ideas on governance and related issues, he rather showcased himself a sad representation, and only succeeded in confirming his first showing at the first IEA debate where his now famous WHERE DID YOU WENT statement has been a constant subject of ridicule, by Primary school children.

On that occasion his sweet missus dropped her face from being captured on camera but succeeded only momentarily advertising little sobs, as a hilarious round of laughter greeted her husband’s strange conjugation of the English sentence that had been directed to nail the NPP candidate.

This time, Ayariga reduced the whole exercise into a comedy and appeared to be in a hurry to do the NDC’s bidding by crying louder than the bereaved, as he persistently heckled the NPP candidate at the least opportunity. Yet again his seemingly strange coughs only when the NPP’s candidate was on the floor came up for notice, and may have been an embarrassment to the NDC candidate on the podium.

In the end Ayariga cut a sorry picture of himself and for a person who almost nearly boycotted the encounter on the basis of a so-called worrying cough, it confounded students of medicine that throughout his time of delivery he never really remembered to cough even once, but did so only when the NPP candidate was having his take.

It is these deductions that have driven many in the PNC executive to believe that while no-one is watching in the polling booth on election day on Friday December 7, Ayariga is sure to thumbprint his ballot paper at number One, instead of his own on the possible excuse that a vote for PNC will be a wasted effort. THE SUN

Odeefoo Tawiah Says Ghana Will Feed Africa


…During Looming Famine In 2016 If Only..

Prophet Kwabena Tawiah Founder and General Overseer of the Church of Rabbi has prophesied about looming famine across the African continent in 2016 but says once Ghana got its acts together, it could provide buffer stock supplies to nations that form the continent.

Prophet Tawiah who can be credited with countless fulfilled prophecies including the death of Ghana’s late President John Evans Atta Mills, Ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor’s near- fatal accident, and the plane that crashed into a 207 bus among a host of calamities, has therefore appealed to the yet-to-be elected President of Ghana to put his acts in order by reaching out to him (Prophet Tawiah) for divine direction from God Almighty.

“The Almighty God who revealed to me that African is going to witness serious famine has instructed me to announce to whoever will win this year’s elections to contact me for directives, as to what should be done to salvage the situation. Ghana would be the provider and supplier of food for the whole of Africa during the period,” Odeefuo Tawiah told assembled congregants during his 27th anniversary celebration of his call to divinity.

The event which attracted a huge Christian leadership from all walks of life also witnessed a delegation from the New Patriotic Party (NPP). According to Prophet Tawiah, he was also prepared to write to the next President of Ghana to give him the chance to seek the face of the Lord for the nation.

The prophet said through the intercession the Lord would pave the way for Ghana to gain divine favour and stop globe-trotting for money or borrowing from external partners. “With God’s favour, heaven would give us the rains at appropriate times to enable farmers obtain the best from their fields”, he said.

The Church of Rabbi leader was of the view that it was not for nothing that God has bestowed a lot of natural resources on Ghana. He attributed the abject poverty and terrible predicaments that Ghanaians were going through despite the huge natural resources at our disposal to heinous crimes, particularly the shedding of innocent blood such as the killing of pregnant women.


Prophet Tawiah blamed fake pastors, politicians, some Malams, occultists and greed young men and women who want to turn rich overnight for using human blood for rituals as the source of the hardships Ghanaians were going through.

The head pastor of the Church of Rabbi noted that the time has come for Ghanaian leaders to surrender their lives to God and depend solely on the Lord, seek his face and devote all their time and energy towards his will in developing the nation.

“God has a lot of good things for Ghana if our next President will seek his face and do the right thing. If that is done, this nation will never go out to borrow money from any country to tackle our development projects. Instead, the Lord will open his blessings from above and even reveal natural resources that we have not exploited to the nation, to prove a point that his power and authority reigns supreme in an increasingly sinful world,” Prophet Tawiah submitted. -The sun

Muslim Varsity Inaugurated

The Ashanti regional branch of the Ghana Muslim Mission has held its 54th Annual Conference, coinciding with the inauguration of the Mission’s proposed University Project.

The conference which came off on November 18, 2012 at Esereso in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti region had the theme: “Education, A pillar of Democracy, the Role of the Muslim”.

In his welcome address Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu, National Deputy Imam pegged the total cost of the project on completion at GH¢18,503,099.35. It is in the light of the huge capital outlay and cost implications that he craved the indulgence of both individuals and groups alike, such as co-operate institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) with particular reference to all stakeholders, to contribute their quota in cash or in kind for the dream to be a reality.

Sheikh Dr. Bonsu revealed that the Ghana Muslim Mission, established in 1957, with the Ashanti Regional Branch inaugurated a year after, had the ultimate philosophy of contributing tremendously to the growth and development of Islam and society, making provision for social amenities for societal support, especially in the field of education.

Going by its philosophical principles, the National Deputy Imam disclosed further that the Ghana Muslim Mission has since its inception been able to found 109 basic and high schools, comprising kindergarten, primary, Junior and Senior High Schools spread nationwide, with the exception of the three 3 Northern Regions of Ghana.

He elaborated further that with their capacity and commitment to providing tertiary education in order to help nurture young people and the morally upright and religiously inclined, a 16-acre land had been acquired from Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene through Nana Darfour Adomako II, Chief of Esereso.

Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonus concluded that all architectural drawings were complete with a vibrant academic board also in place and so the outfit would earnestly commence academic activities soon with bachelor degrees in Administration, Education and Theology.

Responding to the toast, Nana Darfour Adomako II Eseresohene who deputized for the Asantehene, commended the efforts of the Ghana Muslims Mission for the enviable educational plan. The paramount chief pleaded with the mission to pave the way for Christians and students from other religious divide to also access quality education at the proposed University.

Mrs. Hon. Anima Wilson deputy Ashanti regional Minister maintained that the NDC government’s track record on education continued unabated, as it has this time around ushered in the establishment of two other universities, namely Allied Sciences and Energy and Natural Resources in the Volta and BA regions respectively.

Source: THE SUN