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Whoever coined the term ‘breaking the 8’ doesn’t have ‘sense’ – KKD

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Thu, 27 Jul 2023 Source:

Ghanaian broadcaster Kwasi Kyei-Darkwah, popularly known as KKD, has critiqued the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) popular slogan, "Breaking the Eight" slogan labeling it as nonsensical.

According to him, the person responsible for coining the term lacks common sense, as he believes that if the ruling government had performed well enough to merit an extension beyond eight years in power, there would be no need to resort to such slogans.

Speaking in an interview with TV XYZ on July 26, 2023, KKD criticized the current president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, accusing him of failing to fulfill his promise to tackle illegal mining, commonly known as galamsey.

“Things that you were supposed to do to break the eight, if you would have done it there wouldn’t be any need for a campaign, because of galamsey you bet with your presidency, you people should play the time that the president said that he will put his president on a bet to fight galamsey for me, whom are you deceiving here?” he said.

He highlighted how the president's inability to deliver on this key issue has raised questions about the credibility of the government's promises.

"The person who coined 'Breaking the Eight' doesn't have sense, you people should mention the name for me, the person doesn’t have sense, we have book sense and common sense,” KKD exclaimed.

He continued, "Imagine you married a wife and during the marriage, you couldn't buy anything for your wife, she has become dirty and all her clothes are torn, your children you didn’t take care of them.

"You couldn't take those who were sick to the hospital, and all of a sudden then you want to leave, then a different person comes to marry her…then you realize that that is the time you want to do good to her… fool, why didn’t you do those things initially."

KKD further emphasized that at least 10% of Ghanaians needed to rise above partisan biases and embrace truthfulness.

According to him, he believed that if a substantial portion of the population employed common sense and demanded accountability from their leaders, the country would have the potential to thrive.

“The people in Ghana, take it like the over 31 million population only 10% have sense, that is 3.1 million people, so if only these people use common sense and truthfulness to speak, the country will be better,” he added.


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