Why NPP is jittery to know who Mahama’s running mate would be – Raymond Ablorh reveals

MAHAMA JOHN'.jpeg Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama

Mon, 2 Mar 2020 Source: mynewsgh.com

Communication consultant and social commentator Raymond Ablorh, known in social media cycles as President Ablorh, has argued that the reason for which the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is hell-bent on knowing the running mate of John Mahama is so that they can start discrediting that person early enough.

In a critical social media post castigating the NPP for their obsession with who will be named the running mate for the opposition National Democratic Congress( NDC), President Ablorh wonders why the NPP can ignore the pressing issues with which it is confronted with and rather spend time pressuring the flag bearer of the NDC to name his running mate.

For him, the NPP wants to demonize the person just like they have succeeded in demonizing the flagbearer, ex-president John Mahama.

“It seems the running mate of John Mahama is a bigger headache for the NPP than finding the missing galamsey excavators and gold and fighting the pervasive corruption in their administration.

"As a communications analyst, it will be pretentious on my part to say I don’t know why almost everybody in the NPP seems to be concerned about John Mahama’s Vice than even Mr Mahama himself"

It’s this simple.

They need to know so that they can start destroying the fellow early. Yes, that’s all. The earlier he’s announced the faster they could dig all around him and prepare vicious propaganda against his person and reputation to damage him,” he argued.

He contends that the running mate of John Mahama must be someone who can undo the damage done to John Mahama and bring a breath of fresh air to the ticket of the NDC.

“After demonizing him terribly, they know that even though posterity has revealed their hypocrisy, corrupt selves, and wicked propaganda, they know it’ll still take a highly resourceful Vice President to make a big difference because the damage done him is deep,” he alleged.

Characteristics of the running mate

President Ablorh then went on to give some characteristics of the running mate of John Mahama, with which he believes can make a difference.

First and foremost, he argues that the person( Vice Presidential Candidate) must be able to shield John Mahama so that he can recover from the effects of the vicious propaganda he has suffered.

“Such a Vice should be able to shield him to recuperate fully from the effects of the wicked propaganda missiles he suffered.

He needs a Vice President that comes with a huge political capital; one that comes with what’s lacking in him; one that has what it takes to win independent minds as well as attract people across political, religious and ethnic boundaries. Such a Vice must come with less or no baggage.

He must be a smart dynamic thinker who is capable of communicating the difference between the NDC that left office in 2016 and the one contesting the 2020 elections very clearly and unambiguously.

And, he must be adored in Volta, Ashanti, Greater Accra, and Eastern,” he recommends.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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