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Why reduce staff at GIMPA if numbers do not matter - Ofosu- Ampofo jabs Prof. Adei

The Vice Chairman and Director of elections for the Opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo has condemned the ‘Jumbo size’ list of presidential staffers released by the presidency.

According to him, he believes the government has taken the citizenry for granted and should not be taken serious again. It can be recalled that most Ghanaians have accused the president and his government of deceit after NPP complained about 786 staffers which was maintained by the former Mahama administration.

Speaking on Ahotor FM Morning show with Onantifour Addea Mununkum, on Thursday, 26th April, 2018, Ofosu-Ampofo stated that sometimes our leaders in academia should give us the privilege and educate the citizenry on the right practices in governance than to play the ostrich.

Prof. Adei the former rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Spoke to sit-in host of Morning Starr Kwaku Obeng Adjei on Monday, stating that number is not as important as the value that will be derived from them.

“On the surface, almost 1000 presidential staffers seems too big. The big questions is, what are they doing? In these things, the numbers are not the most important because it’s about input and output. The line of interrogation should be what the number of staffers are producing and not just talk about the numbers.


I think Ghanaians must demand accountability,” Responding to Professor Adei’s comment, Ofosu-Ampofo stated ,“With all due respect, Professor Gampo is a political scientist and must know that numbers matter when it comes to good governance, you cannot get up and say that numbers do not matter, Go back and find out from Professor Adei whiles at GIMPA, what did he do, he came to GIMPA to do downsizing and downsizing in GIMPA was to reduce the number of unproductive workers, he came with a reformist idea simply because he wanted to run GIMPA as an efficient entity, so he reduced the numbers considerably.

So if numbers do not matter why did he take this action, when he was rector at GIMPA? ”

“Numbers matter because, anyone who knows how to run a government knows that the best way to run a government is to use a lean one, this helps in the reduction of the cost of governance many countries have outsourced certain agencies in other to help with an effective running of government”

“We need to consider the input to the output as a government, so packing a lot of people at the flagstaff house whiles there has not been a single production seen in any of our sectors”

Ofosu-Ampfo further stated that president Akufo-Addo does not care about protecting the public purse.

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