'It's dishonest, mockery to say NHIS already provides free healthcare' – Sly to Nsiah-Asare

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Comment: Hybrid of what?

New Sherrif in Town
2020-07-30 17:35:47
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'It's dishonest, mockery to say NHIS already provi

According to Sylvester Mensah “It will be a hybrid system where primary healthcare (PHC) shall be free for all Ghanaians”. Already children, the aged and pregnant women enjoy Primary Health Care without paying any insurance premium under the existing NHIS. So what is Mahama referring to as Free Primary Health Care? He should tell Ghanaians if the working class and every Ghanaian will enjoy his Free PHC. Two things to note: the NDC promised a one time Premium that they are shying away from now; what happened to that? They claimed free education is not good, will lack quality and not financially sustainable. Can the same be said about his befogged Free Primary Health Care?

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New Sherrif in Town on Jul 30, 2020 17:35