We can’t afford to lose 2020 polls - Buffer Stock Boss to NPP communicators

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Comment: Agya Boni

Nana Gyambiby - Jacobuhene
2020-09-22 10:31:02
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We can’t afford to lose 2020 polls - Buffer Stoc

The Akyem/Asante led NPP politrikcians are at it again. President Naada (liar) knows very well the end is in sight. Who needs a bunch of frandsters to cater for Ghana’s gold royalties. Aaba! Another funnel to drip blood money of the suffering masses. Come 07 December 2020 I call on all patriotic Ghanaians to join the crusade to see the back of this bloated friends and family syndicate of sikadiggers.

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Nana Gyambiby - Jacobuhene on Sep 22, 2020 10:31