NPP’s decision to pay rent for youth in second term laudable - Expert

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Comment: Fools always quick to comment

2020-10-27 11:16:42
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NPP’s decision to pay rent for youth in second t

Wait for the detail..they will pay deposit and the would be eligibility...

U always judge this govt and next u see them implement it...the same thing happened with free shs.

What is the difficulty in what npp has proposed. There are different ways to do this eg they can get bonds from pple or assigned them mandatory work or service as part of the conditions to pay thier deposit for them.. there are temporary jobs like the kind of banco etc which can be done so pple work and thier deposit advanced for them..in future it may not even be temporary jobs if the can get permanent jobs in the economy.

Is this a wonder or anything difficult...

Let's be serious as a pple. If nana has good policies lets support have m ..in future it may be another party let's support them with thier good policy

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Tanko on Oct 27, 2020 11:16
Fools always quick to comment