Control your boys - Sam George to Akufo-Addo

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Stephen Donkor, New York.
2020-10-27 12:05:11
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Control your boys - Sam George to Akufo-Addo

That Braimah Sulemana should rather rename his organization: the NDC Media Foundation for West Africa. The guy doesn’t sound credible, neither does his organization. Actually the MFWA( Media Foundation For West Africa) acts like all the other Mahama Cribo Kingpin sponsored Organizations. And I must be very frank that I have been reading and following one of his statements in the media for sometime now.

For the entire 6 months, his organization hasn’t made any good compliments or said anything positive about this government. If this government is that bad, I believe he was living in absentia during the Mahama administration.

My information tells me that the has been with that organization since 2010: and that suggests that the goon wasn’t present in the Ghana’s political spheres around the time Atta Mills government kicked out Dr Agyeman Dua who was appointed by former President Kuffour, as the Auditor General of Ghana.

The guy also seems to be oblivious of the fact that this Domelevo guy was even appointed during the lame duck session: after Mahama John Cribo has lost the 2016 elections. Any reasonable person shouldn’t lose track of the fact that the Mahama administration was fingered in so many corrupt activities — and John Mahama as slick as he is was looking for someone to cover his back.

Just take a look at the current brouhaha that’s erupted in the Amercan political atmosphere, because Donald Trump’s has nominated a replacement for Justice Ruth Badder Ginsburg of her blessed memory; to the US Supreme Court, just couple of months before the US general elections. That’s not even close to the lame duck session, but look at how that one trajectory of the Trump administration has flared tempers in the World’s biggest and most powerful democracy.

In reminiscence of how Mahama preempted the incoming Akuffo-Addo administration in 2016, to fill in one of the most powerful positions in Ghana underscores how disrespectful Mahama can be: especially to the majority of Ghanaians who decided replace him as the President of this nation. Now Mahama has come out to admit that he made some mistakes, and I not aware if he has also asked Ghanaian voters to pardon him for that premeditated disregard for the Ghanaian voters. That also tells how Domelevo himself has very limited insight in respect to the feelings of the average Ghanaian voter by accepting that seriously debated as unmerited position.

In sum up, the Media Foundation of West Africa shouldn’t vex our President because if the President was any politically self centered leader, there’s no way he would’ve allowed Domelevo to stay on the job for four year; especially, when it’s crystal clear like the bill board in the middle of New York Square that Domelevo was doing everything possible to undermine his administration— BAM! I SHALL RETURN!

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Stephen Donkor, New York. on Oct 27, 2020 12:05