Free primary healthcare will cost GH¢1.4 billion annually – Mahama

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Comment: Blockhead Mahama

King of Slay Kings
2020-11-02 14:08:35
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Free primary healthcare will cost GH¢1.4b annuall

Funny when you hear NDC and their flagbearer speak. GHC1.4b a year for a free healthcare for each Ghanaian with a current population of 31,072,940 rounds up to GHC45 per head each year. And mahama thinks that would be enough to take care of Ghanaians. I was getting a bit swayed but lailai, they are still the bunch of blockheads whose aim is just to throw in promises to win elections without thinking through policies. Papa no is still the king of slay queens

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King of Slay Kings on Nov 2, 14:08
Blockhead Mahama