What equal opportunity did you create for Ghanaians when you were President? - Bawumia to Mahama

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Comment: Another DUMB foreigner...

Read I 2 dye
2020-10-27 22:18:09
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Bawumia and his concert party

It's hard to understand humans sometimes....on the left corner we have john dramani mahama,..a lying bastard, who robs and steals, cheats on his wife, ex-girlfriend died AIDS....wife dont trust him....and on the right side, doctor Bawumia, a holy man of god, quiet good family man...leads exemplary life....those supporting mahama are like those who chose barnabas over jesus...Bawumia has never been accused of any crime, mahama is an internationally known criminal...use your mind.

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Read I 2 dye on Oct 27, 2020 22:18
Another DUMB foreigner...