General News Wed, 28 Oct 2015

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Karbo blasts Andrews Awuni: 'You deserted NPP'

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Comment: Is this the true pix of the noise maker

Mr Manu
2015-10-29 16:45:02
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Karbo blasts Andrew Awuni: 'You deserted NPP'

So people of an area wanted to be represented by Karbo?. Just like Nana Addo wanted to be the face of Gh.Your leaders speaks abt those they represented.Osagyefo , Acheampong, Akuffo,Kotoka,Busiah,Liman,JJ.,Kufour, Mills and Mahama had all made us proud as Ghanains . What abt Nana as a president of Gh and Karbo as an MP for the good n nice looking people of Lawra?. God forbid. Ghanains are nice people n people of Lawra are beautiful people thereforo must ne represented by our image. Man cannot leave by his stomarch alone.---------+++

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Mr Manu on Oct 29, 2015 16:45
Is this the true pix of the noise maker