Esseku: Arthur K is not an NPP member

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Kwabena Sarpong
2015-11-24 20:24:27
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Esseku: Arthur K is not an NPP member

There goes the octogenarian again. Its not our tradition to talk back at an older person, but if an older person talks like that then he must be replied. I now know as to why he was removed as the minister of transport and communication during the Progress Party's administration. That was Dr. Busia's first cabinet reschefuul. The other time he insulted Allan Kyerematen as to why he is contesting Nana Addo, knowing fully well that that is the practice in our tradition. So Harruna Esseku now knows who are members and who are not members of the party. one of those who have sold their conciseness in the party. He shold behave like Rip van Winkel

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Kwabena Sarpong on Nov 24, 2015 20:24