Esseku: Arthur K is not an NPP member

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Comment: No weeds will be tolerated in NPP

2015-11-25 04:44:24
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Esseku: Arthur K is not an NPP member

NPP is the genuine party in Ghana now because the party executives do not harbour criminals as NDC has been doing. In NPP irrespective of your status if you fumble you will be dealt with.This is what a party must do to clear all weeds from the party.President Mahama, like Afoko ,has taken the laws of the country into his hands and mismanaging the affairs of Ghana.No where in white man's land will the reckless ruling of President Mahama be tolerated except in a third world country where the people are ignorant and cowards.No President is greater than the whole nation except in Ghana with such a meaningless constitution. Afoko as a chairman is not greater than NPP.The whole chairman who allowed himself to be used as a stooge by a rival party.Is it not shameful to himself. We NPP do not tolerate such ridiculous in our party because the party is not one man show as Asiedu Nketia has capitalised on NDC.Arthur Kennedy can go to hell with his lunatics and insane mentality. Like Afoko,Arthur Kennedy is Judas Iscariot in NPP and is not first of its kind in any society there is a traitor.

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Sam on Nov 25, 2015 04:44
No weeds will be tolerated in NPP