President Mahama deserves a second term - Daniel Batidam

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samuel villa
2016-09-13 11:33:36
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President Mahama deserves a second term - Daniel B

I have not read this article in full,but it is humanly and Divine logigic to vote for president John Mahama and NDC.Why?:(1)long needless eletion petition,cost, administrative time wasting,uncertainties and all the negative effects of administrative distraction of John Mahama and NDC vision and efforts to make Ghana BETTER, the NDC and John Mahama survived the negative distortions and thousands of kilometres ahead of the distructors(NPP).If all electorates,all things equal,are rational and logically minded, J o h n D r m a n I M a h a m a deserves a contuity to make Ghana a better Ghana the NDC principal objective of ruling Ghana unlike Nana Addo and NPP objective of creating class difference and subject the marginalised to servitute like the NPP loyal ladies that have become sex_slaves use to satisfy sexual pleasures of bigwigs in Nana Addo criminal movement he call NPP. If one NPP political tour can cause air pollution of one of the largest region of Ghana due to the pucnyant stentch from whole sale sexual activities of party bigwigs and NPP loyal ladies raised public concern,then,Nana Addo and his NPP negative movement is a serious threat to socital order. What actually are the qualities in Nana Addo and his negative indoctrinated sheep think such a bizaare,silly and violent character can be president?Nana Addo can not even manage himself,family,house and his community.

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Re: President Mahama deserves a second term - Dani
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