Akufo-Addo erasing Kufuor's legacy – Amissah-Arthur

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Comment: Akufo Addo erasing Kufuor legacy

2016-10-03 13:38:44
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Akufo-Addo erasing Kufuor's legacy – Amissah-Art

I heard someone advise the Ndc, to stop Ammisah Arthur, the vice president from speaking on campaign platforms and that, he should be withdrawn. How right is this person who spoke so eloquently on a radio show. The Vice president has proved beyond all reasonable doubts that he is a disaster for the Ndc campaign. Did I hear him say, Akufo Addo is erasing Kufuor legacy? How can a Vice President speak like this for his political opponents. Ammisah Arthur has admitted Kufuor and the NPP have a legacy. All along, Akufo Addo has repeatedly been mentioning the string of good things that were done under Kufuor leadership of the NPP eight years in government. What Nana Addo may not have mentioned to my knowledge at least, was the exceptional insights to the discovery of oil and gas in commercial quantities, the first in the nations history. The Vice President has thus admitted, the NPP lead by Kufuor has a legacy. Was Amissah Arthur moved by .....kpokpoblibli.... to make this revealing statement for the favour of the NPP and Nana Akufo Addo? Can Ammissah Arthur mention any of the legacies of their immediate late
President Mills or the Ndc total 24 years in government?

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Ritewing on Oct 3, 13:38
Akufo Addo erasing Kufuor legacy