I will create 3m jobs in 2nd term - Mahama

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Comment: Your Time is up Mr President

Citizen of Ghana
2016-10-26 16:27:38
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I will create 3m jobs in 2nd term - Mahama

Mr President, don't you realize your time is up. You just open your mouth and spew out untruth, is it because we are fools to be lied to because you want power. You claim your plan was to use your first 4years to build the substructure, on which the country's development would be built.
But mr president, measuring what you have done so far, do you think you have built enough infrastructure on which the nations development would be measured. The answer is no. You have tried but you have achieved only little of what you should have with all the resources at your disposal.
Mr President we the people of Ghana do not need you again. Thanks for your service and rest well in your retirement.

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Citizen of Ghana on Oct 26, 2016 16:27
Your Time is up Mr President
Uncle on Oct 26, 2016 17:57