Stop bragging with Kyebi water – Okyenhene jabs Mahama

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Comment: rubbish

2016-10-29 16:04:06
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Stop bragging with Kyebi water – Okyenhene jabs

You see when wisdom eludes u what happens? Really? Kyebi has been having water? whether mechanical systems or not it took the ndc to fix it. Akuffo Addo and his cult members never dreamt to fix it. that is a fact so stop doing this uncivilised and useless politics. u can hate the President and ndc and it is your right to do so but the govt will continue to provide basic amenities for people like u. the truth is one so no matter what u say , discerning people are listening. in this world anybody who goes around without enemies is from Mars. that is why it is said in the good book that ' I will set a table before u in the presence of your enemies' so we are glad to be fulfilling that part of scripture.

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atoo on Oct 29, 2016 16:04