Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo

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Comment: Uncivilized you said?

kwame peter
2017-01-03 06:25:46
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Era of prosperity beckons – Nana Addo

Aduna, you're talking about insinuations? Is it not true that Nana sold his family properties to become prez? Is it not true that npp was were/are the most involved in cocaine dealings? Did we see that era of prosperity under Kufuor? And who is UNCIVILIZED THAN NPP FOOLS? Leading demonstrations, strikes , burning of markets, drugstores in this country? They did everything possible to pollute the ghanaian voter's mind ? I bet you, THE NATURE ITSELF WILL FIGHT NANA'S government

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kwame peter on Jan 3, 06:25
Uncivilized you said?