‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga

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2017-01-17 22:03:22
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‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga

how does the senior minister become a prime minister? The Prime is head of Government and the president become a nominal head as it was in the second republic. Ayariga is only trying to suggest something which is does not exist. He will hit the rock. As Prz Kufour suggested, people must allow Nana Addo to choose the men he thinks will enable him perform to take Ghana from the woods.
One might taught about the cost of creating the position but if that is going to ensure efficiency and good governance, then it it be. If the minister could prevent the situation where ministers share tractors meant for the farmers among themselves like Ayariga and his ilk did when the Ndc took over the tractors Kufuor imported for farmers in the northern regions. Understand Ayariga alone took not less than four tractors.

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Katawire on Jan 17, 2017 22:03
Re: ‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga