‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga

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Comment: You are wrong AYARIGA

Kofi Agyeman
2017-01-18 09:01:10
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‘Senior Minister’ unconstitutional – Ayariga

There is precedence within the Cabinet as established by the President and some Ministers preceded others. It is for this reason that the President can designate a senior minister who by nature and character is a minister of state but is so designated to precede his peers. There is nothing constitutional wrong even if one may not necessarily like such an act which could well undercut the authority of a vice president.

Indeed, I can agree that the constitution makes provision for four kinds of ministers. Ministers of state, deputy ministers of state, regional ministers and deputy regional ministers. Also, these ministers are classified into cabinet ministers and non cabinet ministers.

However designating a minister of state is not unconstitutional. If that were the case the minister of energy could also be described as unconstitutional. The essence is that the senior minister is a minister of state with a designation of senior minister. This is a simple matter that should not lead to one splitting hairs.

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Kofi Agyeman on Jan 18, 2017 09:01
You are wrong AYARIGA