Are your Ministers capable men - Sanja Nanja questions President

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Comment: One village one dam mmmmm!

2017-01-27 07:13:40
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Are your Ministers capable men - Sanja Nanja quest

The idea of one village one dam or one district one factory is as good as Carl max theory of socialsm dad seek to lead society to utopia, it's it practicality is always the problem, I am saying this bcos almost every village in the north have a small dam of a kind but how significant that change lives in those villages is the question, but if the idea is to provide irigation dams den dat can significantly change lives of those villages, one district one factory mmm! dat is very good idea but don't forget we had a lot of factories during our first Republic but wat happen to them? Have we spoken to a change of mentality? In Wa, the Upper West Regional capital, recently, a mango juice factory was set up to stop mango fruits going waste every year during mango season n also help mango farmers make some savings n also help create employment for youth, this was a loud able idea but the factory is now a white elephant bcos of the Ghanaian mentality of selfishness n corruption, I think if the one district one factory is to work to benefit the people as we want it to be we must be able to do away with corruption n the idea of get rich quick mentality of our youth in particular since the factories must make profit to sustain the employment dad we wish to sustain.

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Tony on Jan 27, 2017 07:13
One village one dam mmmmm!