‘Rambo-style’ seizures should not be encouraged - Nhyiaso MP

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Comment: The right procedure?

2017-02-03 15:02:59
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Kofi Adams sorry though but u must provide ur orig

If Kofi Adams had acquired them through the right procedure then of course the right procedure should be taken to retrieve them if need be.In some cases, he had altered chassis numbers.That is criminal in nature.Remember a DVLA operative was also there.Soon after kuffour took over, Tony Aidoo was spotted by a "burger" driving his BMW impounded at the Tema harbour! He needed no right procedure to retrieve his car! In the ensuing battle in front of parliament House, the car eventually ended up at customs headquarters.Tony Aidoo had not even paid duty on it!

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inercycl on Feb 3, 15:02
The right procedure?