You can never win 'common' assemblyman elections - Northerners charge on Akpaloo

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Comment: Dog

BB Brown
2017-09-28 11:56:55
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You can never win 'common' assemblyman elections -

This man Mr Apalo or Akpaloo i used to respect him so much especially when he came up wanting to become our president. I thought he is level headed and have some sense in him but now i have seen that he is just a dog.Our best thinking president for now i can see is Nana who is at the affairs of this nation now.Even Charles Wayo carries weight than Apaloo, how can you judge a two million people from just two or one sample space? then your schooling is just sheetu. We are lucky we did not have people like Apaloo leading us who have difficulty in thinking,We should never vote young people into presidency but look to older people.

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BB Brown on Sep 28, 2017 11:56