Mahama compares Akufo-Addo and his appointees to pigs

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Comment: A PIG IS A PIG

2017-11-06 01:50:12
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Re: Akufo-Addo and appointees are pigs - John Maha

Have you people forgotten all the names you called Mahama when he was president even to the extent of calling his late mother a drug dealer? Fuck you people, what is special about you? What is good for the goose.... Pigs are greedy and anybody who will pay $15m for a Google GPS which we have been using freely for many years can be referred to as a PIG. After all it's only a figure of speech to refer to someone, or people who are greedy. Every fool knows that calling someone a pig does not mean the person is an animal. But obviously some fools are intelligent than others. People, including Rawlings, have used worse terms before. What is more serious than the High Commissioner to South Africa labelling non-NPP members as second class Ghanaian citizens? Hypocrites!!!

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Atoklo on Nov 6, 01:50