I’m not an NDC member to endorse Spio – Nunoo-Mensah

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2018-01-05 17:39:05
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He is telling the truth!

My friend, that is not true, either some of you are dumb or you have memory problem,this man together with the late Rear Admiral Owusu Ansah, President Rawlings and few other former military officers had a lunch or whatever together or they met in President Rawlings' home and the Kufour government banned them from entering any military facility in the country including 37 Military Hospital.

That association or reconciliation with Rawlings brought him to the NDC and as soon as NDC won power he became National Security Adviser, so for you to ignorantly say " he was close to the Kufour government but he was very principled. That is why it made big news when he turned against NPP government in the days leading to the election in 2008" shows how most of you who lack knowledge about issues try to make yourselves relevant by cooking stories.
Nunoo Mensah was once a member of the NPP and served as a campaign Manager for Akuffo Addo in his primary campaign against Kufour and was even a parliamentary candidate for Efutu constituency on the ticket of the NPP but lost miserably.
So for you to tell us he was close Kufour government is just dumb,it shows how much you know.
This man's action or what he just said shows how Attah Mills rule was more than a disaster for the NDC, this man was in NDC government for at least 8 years but now want us to believe he is not a member of NDC though he was NDC employee for all these years.

President Mahama, did you see what some of you did to the NDC, the harm?

But I can say that since President Mahama moved this man from National Security adviser to a so called human security he has become so bitter against Mahama and NDC saying many things that can make him relevant to any the new government.

That said, Spio Garbrah may have misled this man to show up at his event and the useless media took advantage of that to say what he said was endorsement of Spio Garbrah

Spio Garbrah who some of us think if President Mahama is not standing will be our choice has actually shot himself on the foot, he was playing hide and seek talking about reorganizing of the party before people can decide to be flagbearers of the party butas soon as President Rawlings gave him the chance to say something as an aspiring presidential candidate, he quickly took advantage of that to launch his campaign although the party has not opened up for people to declare their candidacy.

In future we have to make sure those who are not members of the party do not get any position in the party, it is a disgrace for Nunoo Mensah to say that he is not a member of the NDC, shame on him.

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CORNEY on Jan 5, 17:39