I’m not an NDC member to endorse Spio – Nunoo-Mensah

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Comment: Nunoo-Mensah

2018-01-06 18:58:05
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Re: I’m not an NDC member to endorse Spio – Nunoo-

Umm....it doesn't (shouldn't) work that way. You should not have to belong to any particular political affiliation to serve the motherland. If the ruling party determine that your skill and expertise make you the best choice for the job, that's all that should matter. I do believe that when the NPP camme to power they endorsed a non-card carrying member as our ambassador to the African Union because they felt he was the best person for the job. That person, currently the Vice-Chair of the AU is doing a great job, and doing Ghana proud. Nothing wrong with Nunoo-Mensah being offered a high profile job in the NDC Government even though he was not a registered member of the party.

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Kootse on Jan 6, 18:58