Mahama boy attacks Joshua Alabi

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Comment: Intelligence

Ackaiman Bresu
2018-01-06 02:52:45
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Mahama boy attacks Joshua Alabi

Some of us are getting fedup with Jm and his nonchallant attitude.Did he hear Kwaku Ricketts former C/R minister.?When we are ready we will answer you.We are getting fedup with your unitelligent posture.Some northerners are upright in their thinking but for u,u need prayers to still believe in Julius &,AdieduNketia---that pains me.You think these 2 characters never made comments even last week about some northerners especially U,your thinking facaulty?This is very serious,one has to discuss some northners attitude to nation building esp you.Bagbin or Saddique are more intelligent than U and your ashawo women

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Ackaiman Bresu on Jan 6, 02:52