Stop giving Muslims a bad name - Atebubu Zongo Chief laments

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Comment: Truth About muslims Or islam

2018-01-26 05:52:03
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Stop giving Muslims a bad name - Atebubu Zongo Chi

hey mr. lying imam, why don't you know people are waking up now? we all know the world's problem. Wherever islam goes, there is no little peace. I was once a muslim but I have renounced it because I have come to know that islam is not for black people and it is killing Ghana and africa tradition, it is for the arabs. I don't know why some coward people give the blame to christianity instead of blaming islam. I know all the religions are foreign but I consider christianity because it doesn't teach it's believers to go and behead people or bomb people or slaughter people. You said God is spirit in Heaven(Jannah) then have you asked yourself what is inside that black cube(kaaba) in mecca that every muslim has to go round it and touch it, well it is a shrine in case you don't know. I have made so many research and believe me islam is not for blacks at all. In islam blacks are slaves to the arabs. In islam, when you tell lies to non-muslims is not a sin so I will tell non-muslims to never believe a muslim. #IRenounceIslam

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Jamal on Jan 26, 2018 05:52
Truth About muslims Or islam