I will sell whatever I have to refund the ‘double salary’ if 'guilty' - Bagbin assures

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2018-05-29 12:21:47
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I will sell whatever I have to refund the ‘doubl

The evil that men do live after them. Alban Bagbin despite all the attempt to present himself as a politician of high moral integrity in the eyes of the public is in fact the most corrupt politician.He was the health minister who swept reported corruption in Effia Nkwanta hospital to have Dr.Francis unlawfully dismissed.A politician who is vindictive,self centered,jealous,intolerant,autocratic and full of ego is automatically corrupt simply because he possesses all the above attributes .Stark moral vices frequently engaged by the first deputy speaker of parliament besides cheating,extortion and
exploitation makes him an individual far from laying claim to the high moral ground of integrity.Alban Bagbin knew about the blood transfusion scandal that saw a patient deprived of emergency blood transfusion killing her in the process because she could not pay an illegal charge of Gh.C50 but suppressed it among other grave scandals in that hospital.He also connived and condoned in the forging of a mental illness on Dr.Francis Ibrahim by the GHS based on which he was dismissed in solidarity with his lodge brothers and sisters the Knight and ladies of Marshall who persistently harassed,abused and tormented the poor doctor.Dr.Francis Ibrahim's dismissal letter was directly copied Alban Bagbin to assure him his others were carried despite the GHS being an autonomous body.His letter was signed by the Director General Dr.Ebenezah Appiah Denkyira instead of the human resource director Dr.Margeret Chebere who cleverly disguised herself despite being the principle architect at GHS knowing she was destroying her own brother.I have been told Alban Bagbin is intelligent and hard working.But the cardinal question is does Alban Bagbin has the moral character and principle to be a democratic and tolerant leader who will embrace open discourse and criticism without persecuting and victimize critics in typical tyrannic fashion?One of Alban Bagbin weaknesses is that he is full of self aggrandizement and superego almost to pathological level and view any discerning view as silly except his.Such a demagogue will pose serious threat to intra-party democracy,dialogue,cohesion and unity.A measure of his in-ward looking attitude is to continue punishing,bastardizing and destroying Dr.Francis Ibrahim he masterminded his dismissal as the Health Minister without any remorse sympathy or empathy.It is abundantly clear that Alban Bagbin connived with the likes of Dr.Margeret Chebere(Honourable Yelekyire's wife) to remove Dr.Francis Ibrahim who was being molested and persecuted by some tribal bigots full of ethnic prejudice and hate in the western region.Unfortunately,this pathetic action of his removal from work by his own people who are in fact distant relatives in the upper west region tells of the destructive and retrogressive tendencies of the northern political and educated
elite.People talk so much about the devastating lost of ex-president John Dramani Mahama in 2016 to the NPP.However,there is no doubt that JDM despite all his shortfalls as a person was seriously back-stabbed by his fellow northerners including high profile NDC gurus like Alban Bagbin.Coincidentally,Alban Bagbin himself just a couple of weeks was lamenting in the mass media about the dangers of what I termed politico-tribal sentiments.Quite frankly and unfortunately,we can play the ostrich about the fact that nepotism,ethnocentricism and politico-tribal sentiments are deep-seated in Ghana's public institutions and body politics.If you look at the people involved in Dr.Francis Ibrahim unlawful
dismissal,it was an action by a conglomerate of Akan tribal bigots who saw him as a distant northerner they disdain and despise so much with venom.But quit frankly they succeeded with their illegal,diabolic and malicious agenda using mainly his own northern tribe mates at the top hierarchy of the health sector with Alban Bagbin the then Health Minister.When the first deputy speaker of parliament was rightly bemoaning the negative impact of tribalism in Ghana's institutions of governance,one of the things he forgot was that, northerners are the only ones at the receiving end of such practice despite being the most despised,marginalized,discriminated and oppressed group.We lose out almost all the time in two typical fashions;1.the southerners know how to use us and knock our heads together only to turn around and laugh at us as stupid,repulsive and reactive.2.We our selves have innate hatred and morbid jealousy for each other so much such that we can only be liken to the proverbial crab who is pulled down not to be perceived the hero,when it attempts to liberate the others in basket by seeing the
outside world first.In deed it is only a northerner,a Dagarti man like Alban Bagbin who will cause the dismissal and destruction of his own brother.The Akan or Ewe will certainly not do that in the least if he does not have any assistnce to offer using his high political office like health minister.What is therefore the guarantee that the upper west region for which Alban Bagbin is revolving his campaign around will benefit, if given the node in the NDC primaries and ultimately become the president of the Republic of Ghana.

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ALBAN BAGBIN on May 29, 2018 12:21