Double track system may leave students rusty – Former Education Minister

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Comment: Populist policy will fail!!!!

2018-07-27 12:04:21
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Double track system may leave students rusty – F

Things fall apart indeed!!!!
Really hastily rolled out populist free SHS cannot stand. Things fall apart indeed and the center can't hold. The bold educationists are speaking out but the cowardice ones are still quite, waiting for the pit to cave in on all of us. There is no vision in this mantra called free SHS. Nana Addo is just looking for what will make him popular within the tenure of his presidency and simply not a thought through idea. . After his tenure, what happens next is not his problem. Those of you jumping about this free SHS, do your selves a favour by casting yr minds beyond four years or in the next ten yrs. What is the future of the Ghanaian child? Because we are gullible and short sighted, we can't see the gloomy picture beyond the next few years. We are really sycophants

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Bob on Jul 27, 2018 12:04
Populist policy will fail!!!!