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Two-track SHS intake requires clear road map - Prof. Goski Alabi

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Comment: A Sophist academic like Tia of KNUST

Dogo Yaro
2018-08-01 19:23:19
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Two-track SHS intake requires clear road map - Pro

Ms. Professor Goski Alabi, we are glad you are a participant citizen? Most Ghanaians agree FSHS is a good policy and should be implemented now than later to help our qualified youth who cannot attend due to cost? . So Ms Braniac, here is the challenges that need solutions in order to achieve this transformational policy this impending academic year due to high student bulge?
- infrastructure deficit
- Trained teachers
- quality standard
- sustainable funding source.
If you have none , then shut up !! All you academic types masquerading as educational experts are just Spectators not participants and political opportunists or mischief makers??? Google President Kennedy’s speech on education when he gave his country a dream to put a man on the moon. Do you think he had a road map? Visionary leaders don’t have road maps but transformational dreams to emancipate their citizens. Thank JF Kennedy for your PC, IPhone, IPad, FACEBOOK, Google and Microsoft Windows, etc. And thank Kwame Nkrumah for your Grand parents education and the visionary who started UPS so you can have a job?? And lastly, speak only when you have practical solutions to problems, okay ????

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Dogo Yaro on Aug 1, 19:23
A Sophist academic like Tia of KNUST