Politics Tue, 21 Aug 2018

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Bagbin punches Mahama over V8 and mansions

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Comment: Truth is not the Truth in Ndc

2018-08-21 17:32:16
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Ndc people hate and fear the Truth.
In Ndc Truth is not the truth. JJ tried telling them the truth that Ndc cannot beat Npp by playing Npp game. The leaders of Ndc are now elitist and fucking rich just like the Npp whislt 99% of Ndc members are poor of the poorest. This is Ndc now and that is why Mahama lost by 1.5million votes. Bagbin is also saying the hard truth but as usual in Ndc the Truth is not the Truth so Ndc people are insulting Bagbin. What new is Mahama bringing to the party that he did'nt have in 2016 elections? It is the same Mahama that lost 1.5million votes. Is Mahama going to win back those 1.5million votes? How? You people should think. At Elections it is not only the Ndc delegates that are going to vote. Independent voters,people who want real change not "the value js the same" voters are gojng to vote and Mahama cannot win because people know how he mess up the economy. No jobs, electricity and water were hjgher than rent. Etc .We need thinkers not "Onaapo" leaders.

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Stone,Columbus,Oh on Aug 21, 2018 17:32
Truth is not the Truth in Ndc