MoE, GES ‘cooking up numbers’ to push double-track system?

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Comment: Let’s stop this nonsense

Joe Canada
2018-09-11 08:39:25
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MoE, GES ‘cooking up numbers’ to push double-t

Why are we politicizing our education like that?, either double track,triple track or quadruple track, what is important is the kids are getting education. What is wrong with that?, I believe that Jesus Christ can’t even change Ghanaians. Ghanaians talk too much. Every Tom and Dick is an expert but they can’t offer any solutions. Some of us wish we had the opportunity to go to SHS. I had a friend in elementary school in the late 70’s, the guy was so brilliant that he cries when he score 90% in exams, unfortunately he couldn’t continue after form four because he came from a poor family. The last time I saw him, he was driving somebody’s old taxi so that he can feed his family. Imagine if there was free SHS. Let’s support the government and stop the nonsense of criticizing just to score political points.

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Joe Canada on Sep 11, 2018 08:39
Let’s stop this nonsense