Kojo Bonsu 2020 is pure betrayal – Shocked Akamba wails

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Comment: Akamba is naive and a confuse boy

Alhaji Yussif
2018-09-29 14:46:17
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Kojo Bonsu 2020 is pure betrayal – Shocked Akamb

It’s because Akamba is brain dead,ndc ll soon crash because they don’t think,they take everything on the face value,this exactly what’s going on with the former president JM,his public audience ve always picked on his words and sense of judgment.At this stage he believes everyone who writes or make statements in his favour is for him and that’s wrong.Kojo Bonsu played a lead role and has seen few things,I ll advice Akamba to be civil in his statements and reactions because I see as a very naive person.They ve already misled the former president,someone campaigning for internal election now behaving like he has been elected already,ndc does not consider the npp has any brains and that why they ll lose again,they preach hatred against the npp and don’t forget that does not impress the middle and upper class especially the neutral ones otherwise known as floating voters.

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Alhaji Yussif on Sep 29, 2018 14:46
Akamba is naive and a confuse boy