Mahama, Akamba’s conduct in Tempane SHS shameful – NPP

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Comment: Ghana first

Opoku Ware
2018-10-06 08:22:06
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Mahama, Akamba’s conduct in Tempane SHS shameful

Hmmm, if NDC is complaining about the free SHS, what do they ve for us as a nation, we are building our nation, we want to educate all the youth at least have the basics, if u are saying the implementation of the free SHS is not good and children are over crowded, that means there is quantity in the number of students, no one is staying at home, if the Free SHS has not been implemented that means so many children will ve been staying at home without acquiring SHS education, now they have it. My question is what do the NDC ve to offer to our children. If u are saying free SHS was in a rush that means so many children will be at home, let's think about the children's future rather than the politics gains, now u r saying its not good what can u do yo help it to be good, now election is over, let's talk about Ghana. How do we strengthen the policy to make it youthful , what advice do you ve for Ghanaians, if we continue like this we can't go far n the development we want to achieve as a nation, let's think about Ghana first

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Opoku Ware on Oct 6, 08:22