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Over-subscribed bond a solid vote of confidence in Ghana’s economy – IMANI

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Comment: WAKE UP GHANA!!!

John Simpson
2019-03-29 07:43:22
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Over-subscribed bond a solid vote of confidence in

If it is possible to go for more money to increase government shares in mining , oil companies and other good projects in Ghana we can retain alot of foreign currency in Ghana. Ghana has option to increase it shares from 10% free carry shares to 30% , by subscribing for the additional 20% shares in Newmont other major mining and oil producing companies.
Let groups of Ghanaian individuals and companies handle that on behalf government on commission. If possible some of the bond money could be invested in agricultural and fishing projects like fish farming to save Ghana for importation of fish and other agricultural product.

Some Canadian fraudsters are trying steal my large scale mining project with good prospect from me and Minerals Commission is purported to be conniving with them with Tony Lithur engaged as a lawyer to renew their license . The case has been with SFO and EOCO for ages. Ghana is blessed but we should wake up and stand on our feet.

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John Simpson on Mar 29, 2019 07:43