Mahama will rise again like Jesus Christ - Kofi Adams

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Comment: Stupid stomach journalists

2019-05-03 06:11:43
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Mahama will rise again like Jesus Christ - Kofi Ad

Oh so called Ghanaians stomach journalists don’t even know how to do interviews because they are so corrupt and dishonesty with their stomach.
Stomach Journalists should asked Kofi Adams what John Mahama want to do.
His vision for 2020? We don’t need a president who want to correct his mistakes we need a vision leader not assembly John Mahama.
John Mahama has been in government from AFRC/PNDC/NDC, but Northerns and upper regions people are still drinking water with cows and pigs ????. How can this unvison man ruled Ghana again? Tweaaaaaaa Apuuuuuto

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Tweaaaaaaa on May 3, 06:11
Stupid stomach journalists