NPP women rejected Akufo-Addo’s choice of Hajia Alima as running mate - Gabby drops secret

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Comment: Law school cheat shut up

2019-06-07 23:57:08
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NPP women rejected Akufo-Addo’s choice of Hajia

I would borrow Nana's words we are not seeing Dynamism in your government,Ghana is going backwards Paa oh hmm,used to have hope in this government,but they are repeating NDC mistakes such create loot and share,all the plenty talk not much has been done to recover Jospong groups,rlg,woyome stolen monies.The so called anti corruption Nana is flirting with zoom lion in yentie obia fashion.Free SHS is great idea but clearly it a proper needs assessment analysis was not done,a proper feasibility study was not done from the problems it's experiencing it's clear there are serious challenges,some of us thought NPP had some smart people to come up with some innovative ideas to solve our problems but rather NPP is resorting to stupid things like Ghana post address system when they could have easily uses Google,and also the the needless Kelvni gv or whatever it's called deal.Gabby walks around like a smart guy who could help the president but he is equally stupid like some of Nanas appointees .I have no doubt you cheated in law school as reported cuz u r a habitual idea theif and I very sure you read all those plagiarized speeches but because it's normal for u to cheat in exam and take people's ideas without credit u thought people won't notice.if u guys don't sit up and work to make Ghana great like president kuffour did u go see in 2020.

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Ghanaba on Jun 7, 23:57