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NDC Primaries: We will replace ‘confused’, ‘clueless’ Akufo-Addo – Ofosu-Ampofo

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Comment: Re: NDC Primaries: Let’s focus our energies to rep

2019-08-25 13:28:00
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Re: NDC Primaries: Let’s focus our energies to rep

It is not enough to sell "the failings" of the NPP government to the good people of Ghana. Elections are not won by simply criticising and exposing the failings of your opponent. This approach demonstrates the NDC's lack of vision and critical thinking. The electorates want to know your party's message and vision for the country: for example, the social interventions that your party has in store for the future, in the unlikely event that the majority of the voters consider the party worthy of their mandate. It was the vision and messages that the NPP had for the electorates that resulted in the NPP inflicting the humiliating defeat on your hapless and visionless party in 2016. Apart from exposing the NDC administration's failings in the form of dumsor, corruption and incompetence, the NPP gave to the people of Ghana its vision for the future. Now, if you follow your idol, John Mahama's pronouncements, you will discover that they contain no message or vision for the future - just criticisms and useless promises to polish or review what his visionary competitor Nana Addo has implemented. The problem your party has is that, it lacks quality leadership. Thus the party has no vision or future direction as to where it plans to take this country. Only in the NDC, a party in which claim to leadership depends on financial clout and not on intelligence or visionary capabilities, would a personality such as John Mahama, would be retained as a flag bearer. If the NDC is asked to name one social intervention that it has implemented, what would it be? Even the much touted infrastructural developments, turned out mainly, to exist only in the party's infamous "green book". Maybe the NDC knows something that the good people of Ghana do not know, that makes the party think that it will return to power, so soon after being rejected emphatically.

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Diawuo on Aug 25, 2019 13:28
Re: NDC Primaries: Let’s focus our energies to rep
Mahama loves someone who loves hurt g on Aug 25, 2019 16:43