NPP disowns embattled PPA Boss; says he is not a member

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Comment: Re: NPP disowns embattled PPA Boss; says he is not

2019-09-11 16:08:18
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NPP disowns embattled PPA Boss; says he is not a m

People come here to shit and disrupt the attention of the main issues but it won't wash. What occurred can never be cleaned so you guys should stop the running to hide. No where for you guys to hide occurred. Corruption is NPP but Nana is also the Chief Clearing Agent, why won't it stinks? Nana nie corruption nie, NPP nie corruption nie, chief clearing agent nie corruption galore! Nana toil hard to merit this name. No one tag you with clearing agent. If one graduate he needs to be adwarded and that's your adward.
They just came to power to live on the expenses of Ghanaians taxpayers money. Steal everything and survive themselves but other's should fuck up they don't care. Yes trials is on course, Ghanaians will learn a second lesson for trying people on governance. Even if corrupt president Nana leave day he has achieve his aim. Look some one was working so hard trying at least his little best to put some development on course. Due to tribalistic envy you voted him out for crooked to come and distorted all the resources available. What single achievement has Ghana to boost under this cronies and phony criminals? When will Ghanaians learn to be objective? And don't sell their pride for petty thief's like NPP. They promised thousands but did none with only the ailing and collapse free SHS double track system. How does that improve the untold economic hardship on people's living situations? This NPP governance is a phony. Ghanaians should wise up, selling Ghana to the Chinese won't help either. With petroleum monies, cocoa monies, taxpayers monies, borrowed monies and sold Ghana to the Chinese monies what did you used it for? No any single one development Mr president can you recount to Ghanaians what the monies is been used for?

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Kk on Sep 11, 2019 16:08
Re: NPP disowns embattled PPA Boss; says he is not