Over 200 Mahama projects abandoned in Eastern Region – NDC

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2019-10-14 14:17:24
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Over 200 Mahama projects abandoned in Eastern Regi

Mahama had no plans for whatever he did. He just woke up and decided on a or b or whatever the girlfriend told him. How do you build hospitals, not thinking that it had to be equipped and had to employ staff to run, Which is more expensive; building empty shells and calling a hospital or the recurrent expenditure on a hospital? Meanwhile he had already brought down Ghana’s GDP from 16.4% to 3.3% in just four years meaning the country was broke. Meanwhile he ran to IMF which put embargo on such projects through austerity measures. Mahama had no plan, everything politics and politics
Even now, Mahama and the NDC had no vision or plan just like now they don’t have a single message. Only boot for boot, terrorism by Ampofo and stupidity from asiedu nketia etc. There is no message coming from the dead goat. He was in Jomoro and promised he will build a refinery for them not even knowing how much it will cost. (He should ask the number of refineries Nigeria has), Went to the north, he will build regional hospitals for the new regions without even knowing how much it will cost, he will review free SHS in 90 days meanwhile the health insurance which was working with more than 80% national coverage almost collapsed when he claimed he was reviewing it. Now you build schools in small villages without students and teachers bungalows and you expect them to function?. Then sugar factory producing propaganda, Ho airport landing dews and flies, desalination water project which costs extra GHC9 per gallon meanwhile the Volta is running freely into the Atlantic ocean. Which government will continue such silly projects. No way. That is why he will never win anything again in Ghana

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Seth on Oct 14, 2019 14:17