‘Absolutely needless’ – NPP chair Blay blasts NDC over EC attacks

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2020-05-30 00:00:49
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‘Absolutely needless’ – NPP chair Blay blast

I now understand the reason of Ghana's progression of th e past years. The ndc have had the privilege of ruling this country longer than party in this country's history hence the reason we as a people have been stuck in the past always wanting to let the status quo to remain. The ndc are such retrogressives their supporters are so blinded and lost in the past they just can't get out. So sad! No right thinking person will read this article and end up not making sense out but will rather insult and invective to describe him is unfortunate. Everything he said is true, over the years from 92 till now, the processes have changed to make the system more credible so what makes this different? The naysayers and those political hawks from the ndc who are still stuck in the past polluting their supporters mind should put a stop to it and join the process of progression to make Ghana the envy all over Africa in respect of our electoral credibility. The ndc have mostly been on the wrong side of our history, this is the time to move from being petty to be matured politically and move this country forward, that is the only way to bring real prosperity the country desperately needs.

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Outlaw on May 30, 2020 00:00
Re: ‘Absolutely needless’ – NPP chair Blay blast