I will build and deploy a new hospital ship if elected - Mahama

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Comment: fake NPP

2020-06-19 11:04:10
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Chop, Chop, Chop

My dear benevolent president, ignore these 1000 flagstaffers and stay committed to the common folks for their cups are full and their Belle full. We know you are just and a man of your words. You will surely win devoid of these crooked bunch of Tribalistic imps. They'll always hate and spew thrash but yours is written in gold for the people of Ghana. We know they stole your mantle but reality has exposed them. Come back and save the average Ghanaian from these devils, these new breed of NPP that even we the addent supporters of NPP don't recognize. They are a bunch of crooked hoodlum. God I miss the days of K4, who born dog. The day they leave office is the day they will never step foot ever ever again in Flagstaff house for we will take our party back. They can go form their own tribalistic hating group and no one will ever miss them. Please do me a favor when you win abi, erase all their history permanently because they will never come back and will never be supported by the likes of us in the cities or villages. Good riddance to filth. Crooked son of a bitches, hate mongers, underhanded undeservedly bunch of murderous thugs, incoherent incompetent bunch of clowns at the helm of affairs of our dear nation. God punish you all with covid19 one at a time to spit out all of Ghanas monies thieves. We don't like you lot because you don't belong where you are. You are clowns in suits but villagers in real life.

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