Regional News Sat, 31 Mar 2012

Accra Poly Rector advocates discipline in educational system

Dr Fetus Addo-Yobo, Rector of Accra Polytechnic on Saturday noted that Ghana can benefit from the digital age if discipline is inculcated in the educational system.

“Our discipline is a fusion of what is required to maintain the African morality. Today the Chinese and Asian tiger economies have risen to dominate the world’s manufacturing and production system because of the discipline of emphasising self-control, adherence to a social hierarchy, and the political order which has become resurgent in modern Chinese and Asian education system,” he added.

Speaking at the 56th Speech and Prize Giving Day of the Wesley Grammar School in Accra on the theme: “Discipline- a key component in education,” he said, progressive and prosperous living requires planned lives with set goals and attendant discipline.

He said in order to correct the wrongs of the society, there is the need for a generation of steadfast leaders who have moral uprightness and discipline to cope with the pressures of public office, and resist temptation.

Reverend Titus Awotwi Pratt, Methodist Bishop of Accra Diocese said the country’s education should be left in the hands of technocrats and not politicians who want to score political points with it.

He said education, is the lifeline of every country and bemoaned the chequered transition the system is going through in the hands of politicians who do not know the duration, which is apt for senior secondary tutoring.


Rev Pratt said, students of this generation have no excuse not to excel in education given the tremendous advantages of the digital and information age.

He asked students to strive to blaze the trail and leave an indelible mark for the future.

The Headmaster of the school, Rev Isaac Aidoo said the school had maintained discipline and sanctioned indiscipline students. He called on parents and guardians to cooperate with the authorities to punish their wards who misbehave.

He said the challenges facing the school is the congestion at the only boys dormitory and the poor road network and appealed to the school board, individuals and corporate bodies to help reverse the situation.

The Head Prefect, Master George Amponsah said power outages, water shortage and poor infrastructural development continue to be a major challenge for students.**

Source: GNA