Regional News Sat, 31 Aug 2013

Adenta MCE rejected

Adenta Municipal Assembly on Friday rejected Mrs Nubly Kakra Vanlare, the president’s nominee for the position of Municipal Chief Executive (MCE).

Mrs Vanlare, who is the immediate past MCE for the area was re-nominated by the president to be confirmed by the members.

She, however, failed to secure the two thirds votes of the assembly members required by law to confirm her as the MCE.

She only managed to secure seven out of the eighteen votes cast, which amounted to 38.89 per cent of the total ballots cast.

Meanwhile, for the fourth time, assembly members failed to elect a new presiding member for the Assembly.

Madam Gladys Gillian Naadu, Assembly Woman for Nmai Dzor Electoral Area, who contested for the position of Presiding Member also failed to get the two-thirds majority required by law to assume the position.


Dr Desmond Aryee-boi, the acting Presiding member is not seeking re-election for the position.

Mr Eric Tony Blair, an assembly member who spoke to the media after the event, explained that according to the standing orders, a nominee who is unable to secure 50 per cent of the votes cast would have to be withdrawn by the president for a new person to be nominated.

He alleged that the former MCE does not have good relations with members of the assembly.

He said the assembly members do not have a personal grudge with Mrs Vanlare, but rather aspire to ensure total development of the area.

Source: GNA