Regional News Tue, 10 Nov 2009

Agbogbloshie residents call on government to provide alternatives

for resettlement.

Some members of the Agbogbloshie Residents Association are appealing to government to find appropriate resettlement site to enable them relocate. The over forty thousand squatters due for ejection say any attempt by government to eject them without a resettlement would only worsen their current socio-economic plight. They were speaking in an interview at a peace building workshop organised by Self –Help Initiative Support Services an Accra based NGO.

Although these squatters admit that they are supposed to vacate the land, many claim that they will suffer major social and economic setbacks if they are ejected without alternatives to resettle. Most of the squatters according to a resident are low income workers who would find it difficult to rent if they are made to leave. They argue that just as government grants them the right to exercise their franchise during elections, likewise considerations should be given in deciding what they say is very vital to their lives Ghanaians. They say most of the squatters have migrated from the three Northern Regions who for harsh economic environment have come to the Accra to engage in menial jobs in order to survive. The residents suggested that government in an effort to end the sporadic fighting could find two separate relocation sites, and arrangement made to send each of the fighting groups to these separate sites. One of the male residents in another interview said that some of the squatters send monies from their menial jobs, to support their parents back home to support their farming activities. Some are also students who are engaged in certain jobs with the hope of raising funds to further their education. They say that their current socio-economic plight would be worsened if government goes ahead to eject them without any resettlement plan.

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