Regional News Wed, 4 Sep 2019

Anaji Police Station gets motorbikes from philanthropist

The District Police Commander at Kwesimentsim in the Western Region, Superintendent Peter Lennox Aidoo, has called on the general public to see the fight against crime as a shared responsibility.

He observed that even though the police and other state security agencies are doing their best, there is the urgent need for the general public to assist by offering credible and timeous information anytime the need arises.

“The Ghana Police Service and the other security agencies are doing all they can to make our communities safe. But I strongly believe that our fight against crime can be further enhanced should the general public assist us by saying something when they hear or see anything suspicious.”

Superintendent Lennox Aidoo called for the public support on Tuesday, September 3, when the Prince Armah Foundation presented three Sukida SK 125-4B motorbikes to his Command.

The motorbikes are to help the Anaji Police Station with their patrols.

Crime at Anaji

On the dawn of August 10, 2019, the former Western Region Coordinator of the Integrated Community Center for Employable Skills (ICCES), Donatus Kumah, was shot dead by armed robbers at his residence.

Two other houses in the vicinity were also robbed.

Less than two weeks after, on August 22, 2019, a man in his late 30s and later identified as Samuel Ofori Atta was also shot by armed robbers at his residence at 2:30am.

Superintendent Lennox Aidoo assured the police are closing in on the armed robbers.

Community Watchdog Committee

As part of efforts to combat the incidence of armed robbery at Anaji and its environs, the Kwesimentsim District Police Command has overseen the formation of 10 community watchdog committees.

“We realized that even though we have been patrolling the area, we were still recording some incidents.

“So, we spoke to the communities on the need to help. The opinion leaders agreed and so we formed the watchdog committees which my command gave them some basic training,” Superintendent Lennox Aidoo said.

“Currently, we are in talks with other communities on the possibility of forming a watchdog committee and the response has been very encouraging as they have seen the results from areas we have the watchdog committee.”

Presentation of Motorbikes

Executive Director of the Prince Armah Foundation Dr. Prince Armah, who is a resident of Kwesimentsim, explained that he was alarmed by the two armed robbery incidents and was therefore encouraged to help the police to do their work efficiently.

“I live at Kwesimentsim. You cannot sleep soundly when you know the area is not safe. In fact, these cases are worrisome as they scare away potential business interests.”

He noted that “I want to be able to have a sound sleep at night and the same for my neighbours. I also want to ensure that children at Kwesimentsim can go out and play without their parents having to worry.

“I am only encouraged by the fact that when Kwesimentsim is safe, all of us can go on with our daily chores without any fear or apprehension.

“So, I am presenting these three motorbikes to the Anaji Police Station to enable them undertake more patrols”.

He also presented a cash of GHC2,000 to the Command to help maintain and fuel the motorbikes.

“I will also meet with the District Police Commander to look at how I can help to resource the various community watchdog committees so that they will be motivated to give off their best.”

Superintendent Peter Lennox Aidoo applauded Dr. Prince Armah for the gesture and said the motorbikes will help them in their visibility drive.

“Now, we will be able to patrol areas where cars cannot go. Again these motorbikes will help us to respond to distress calls very fast.”

Source: 3news.com